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Create an effective employee engagement action plan with the proven science of Self-Determination Theory

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Stop Struggling with Your Employee Engagement Action Plan

Your managers will learn the 3 proven steps to improve employee engagement and intrinsic motivation at work via engaging short-format videos and interactive exercises

Step 1

Learn the key techniques for intrinsic motivation at work

Understand how intrinsic motivation increases employee engagement and retention

Management and motivation: The keys to creating engagement
The truth about inner motivation and what drives it
Intrinsic motivation in your team's day-to-day work
The varied ways employees can be moved to act

Step 2

How to increase employee engagement and work motivation

Learn the specific management techniques that unlock the power of self-motivation for everyone on your team

How to build intrinsic motivation at work through supporting employees' basic needs
How to support your team's autonomy, mastery, and relatedness
How to create purpose and make work meaningful
How to support employee engagement and retention even when remote

Step 3

Put it to work

Learn these management best practices:

How to run a great meeting
Maximizing remote work
Fostering accountability
Preventing burnout
Supportive communication of expectations
The role of rewards
Managing unpleasant tasks
Effective goal setting

Meet The Experts

This online course is taught by the world leaders in the new science of effective management

  • Dr. Richard Ryan

    Co-Creator of Self-Determination Theory

    Dr. Ryan is a renowned psychologist and co-developer of both Self-Determination Theory and motivationWorks. Throughout his distinguished career, he has authored over 350 papers and books in the areas of leadership, motivation, organizational effectiveness, and well-being.

  • Dr. Scott Rigby

    CEO of motivationWorks

    Dr. Rigby is an author, behavioral scientist, and CEO of motivationWorks/Immersyve, a company that applies behavioral science to organizations, products, and services. Dr. Rigby regularly works with companies worldwide to improve performance and train leaders in motivational best practices.

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Manager Training Program

Get immediate access to our on-demand online training program and earn 4 SHRM credits when you complete the course.

What's included

  • Engaging video lessons by leading experts to learn at your own pace

  • Actionable materials for each module

  • Self-assessments to deepen learning

  • Certificate of completion and 4 SHRM credits upon completion

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Manager Guide 3 Steps to Increase Retention, Inclusion, and Engagement

In this Manager Guide you'll learn:

  • 1) The three core experiences that are essential for your employees to thrive, based on the leading science on human motivation, engagement, and performance.
  • 2) Three proven steps to provide and sustain these experiences for your people.
  • 3) Practical examples of these management best practices in action.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Self-Determination Theory?

Self-Determination Theory was founded by Drs. Richard Ryan and Edward Deci and has become the world's leading scientific model of motivation, performance, and engagement.

With thousands of researchers and professionals around the world now using SDT as the basis of their work, it has thousands of applied research studies confirming its remarkable value in understanding, measuring, and improving team performance and success. It provides a powerful framework for understanding how to foster individuals’ growth and potential in a variety of circumstances, including healthcare, finance, education, parenting, entertainment, and of course, the workplace.

Learn more at the Center for Self-Determination Theory.

Who is this program for?

Our program is designed for all managers, regardless of their previous experience, team size, or industry, to gain a deeper understanding of how to best support their team's success and growth, as well as how to put that understanding into effective action.

Why this course?

This course is the most direct path to building effective leadership skills that enable your team to perform at their best and enjoy doing it!

Because this course is built from the most effective and validated motivational framework that exists—by the creators of that science—it doesn't rely on fads or shorcuts. Instead, it teaches you the core principles of what motivates people, and teaches you how to effectively apply these best practices to crucial management situations.

How long is this course?

This course is 16 on-demand video modules covering the topics outlined above, with self-assessments and actionable materials to support learning and application.

It takes most people about 4 hours to go through all of the content. We recommend completing a few modules at a time rather than doing the whole course in one sitting, but you can work at your own pace!

Do you offer enterprise options?

Yes! While our course is available in our custom learning management system (LMS), we have many options for enterprises, including bulk pricing discounts and SCORM-compatible options. If you're interested, get in touch!

In addition, if you want to bring the power of effective, caring leadership to your entire organization, check out our employee engagement platform below!

Want to go further? Check out motivationWorks today.

motivationWorks software trains, coaches, and sustains self-motivation and engagement across your workforce—with direct support for every leader, manager, and employee.

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